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Status Quos Are Made To Be Broken

Our mission at Butler Benefits is to challenge the status quo that exists in the employee benefits industry.  Businesses are finding it harder and harder to offer quality benefits at reasonable prices, and the complexities of the Affordable Care Act have made a confusing situation more confusing.

We would like to get to know you and your business better, and share with you how we are bringing different ideas and strategies to our clients; ideas that achieve the "Triple Aim":  lower costs, improved quality of care, and greater employee satisfaction.

What Works?  What Doesn't?

It is absolutely essential to educate employees on the tools and resources available in the market to reduce costs.  Wiser consumerism leads to lower costs for all parties involved in healthcare.  Self-funding and level-funding are two vehicles that give businesses the greatest opportunity to cut costs without having to compromise the quality of the benefits being offered. Coupled with proper risk management strategies, self-funding offers the flexibility companies are looking for, and the control to manage the healthcare spend properly.  

What has become clear is that the status quo no longer works.  Each year, companies watch their health insurance premiums rise, and the quality of their benefits decline.  It's time to start expecting different results, but the only way to do that is to do something different than what you've done before.  We're here to help with that, every step.  Join us, and help us scale these solutions, one business at a time.


Looking For A Solution?

Value-based Primary Care || Concierge Pharmacy || Self-Funding || Partial Self-Funding || HRA/HSA Strategies || Direct Provider Contracting || Medical Tourism || Bundled Pricing || TPA/PBM Transparency || Employee Attraction and Retention || Fully Insured Plans

Each component has its place.  Finding the right approach for your business is what we are here for.


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